Introduction to Mushroom Cultivation

Growing mushrooms in your home or garden is a very easy task that can seem daunting at first.  The reason for this is that when people read the words inoculation, or sterile, the immediately think of an expensive medical lab being necessary, which is not the case.  All aspects of mushroom cultivation can be done in the home, and have often been likened with Orchid cultivation.  Most cultivators start with the PF Tek since it can be performed with less than $50 worth of materials, and has a very high rate of success with new cultivators.  Alternatively, you can jump straight to making grain jars and start out door patches that will work in symbiosis with your plants.

Mushrooms are decomposers, and are a wonderful addition to gardens for this reason as they will break down things like wood or sawdust into a form that your plants will be able to feed on.  Your plants help your mushrooms by helping make sure the mycelium has a good fruiting environment, and keeps the ground from becoming water logged.

For new indoor growers, I recommend picking a Pluerotus species to start with using the PF Tek since they are one of the fastest growing species of edible mushrooms, and they taste great!

For outdoor growers, you can simply pick a species that will grow well in your environment, and start some spawn jars.  Once the jars are colonized, just mix it with the mushroom's preferred substrate and place it in your garden where it will be shaded.

If you have any questions along the way, please don't hesitate to contact me for assistance!

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